Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ariah Park Baptist Church Happenings - November 2016

We continue to be encouraged to see how God’s people in Ariah Park support and serve one another in many and various ways.  We have been hearing God’s Word preached through the books of Hebrews and Joshua, as well as from a few lay preachers. 

We have welcomed a new friend into the congregation during some of our Sunday morning Kids’ Talks.  Julia and Greg brought along a new puppet friend Loui which everyone, young and old, has enjoyed.

In October, a group of women attended the Canberra Women’s Convention to hear messages based on two of the great speeches in Acts and a few went over to a CWCI (KYB) evening event in Temora where we heard Lyn Harvie from Griffith reveal our need for God’s greatest gift to us – salvation from sin through Jesus.

In September, we enjoyed an informal Mission Night where we heard from one of the missionaries the congregation has supported for many years and hosted a tour group from Wagga Baptist having a look around Ariah Park and the church.  Later in the month, a team from the congregation created a float and contributed to gospel music for Heritage Celebrations held in town.

Adventure Zone Kids’ Club ran for three days in the last school holidays.  We were privileged to have Ron and Pam Schravemade share all about God’s Big Love and Big Rescue through Jesus and we celebrated the last day with a Big Party thanking Him that He’s invited us to celebrate with Him forever.

In your prayers for us you could also include:
·        Prayer for the farmers as they work hard in the harvest months that they may draw their strength from Him.
·        Thanks for a new structure for high school SRE sessions at APCS in 2017.
·        Prayer for those involved in SRE and Chaplaincy at Ariah Park Central School and SRE at Barmedman Primary School and Youth Connect Group.

·        Prayer for our dedication to the study of God’s Word in private and together through KYB and other Bible studies that we may grow together in dependence on Him.

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