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Ariah Park Baptist Church Happenings - November 2016

We continue to be encouraged to see how God’s people in Ariah Park support and serve one another in many and various ways.  We have been hearing God’s Word preached through the books of Hebrews and Joshua, as well as from a few lay preachers. 

We have welcomed a new friend into the congregation during some of our Sunday morning Kids’ Talks.  Julia and Greg brought along a new puppet friend Loui which everyone, young and old, has enjoyed.

In October, a group of women attended the Canberra Women’s Convention to hear messages based on two of the great speeches in Acts and a few went over to a CWCI (KYB) evening event in Temora where we heard Lyn Harvie from Griffith reveal our need for God’s greatest gift to us – salvation from sin through Jesus.

In September, we enjoyed an informal Mission Night where we heard from one of the missionaries the congregation has supported for many years and hosted a tour group from Wagga Baptist having a look around Ariah Park and the church.  Later in the month, a team from the congregation created a float and contributed to gospel music for Heritage Celebrations held in town.

Adventure Zone Kids’ Club ran for three days in the last school holidays.  We were privileged to have Ron and Pam Schravemade share all about God’s Big Love and Big Rescue through Jesus and we celebrated the last day with a Big Party thanking Him that He’s invited us to celebrate with Him forever.

In your prayers for us you could also include:
·        Prayer for the farmers as they work hard in the harvest months that they may draw their strength from Him.
·        Thanks for a new structure for high school SRE sessions at APCS in 2017.
·        Prayer for those involved in SRE and Chaplaincy at Ariah Park Central School and SRE at Barmedman Primary School and Youth Connect Group.

·        Prayer for our dedication to the study of God’s Word in private and together through KYB and other Bible studies that we may grow together in dependence on Him.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ariah Park Baptist Church Happenings - August 2016

In June, we had the privilege of running a 1 hour SRE session for the high school of APCS.  We looked at how God has always had a heart to care for people and He demonstrated this ultimately by sending Jesus to redeem us.  We had an encouraging response to the session and hope to run these SRE classes more regularly in the future.  Also in June, we ran a day of DVD training sessions for the Godspace SRE curriculum, updating our skills and adding two new qualified teachers to the team.

In July, we held our annual church camp combined with a fellowship ski trip at Talbingo.  Some folks went up to Selwyn Snowfield for the day, and then the two‑day camp followed on from that.  This year’s speaker was Michael Hutton and those attending had a wonderful time catching up with the Hutton family.  We also enjoyed a combined church service as we celebrated our unity in Jesus as our Passover lamb and looked to the perfection of the eternal fellowship we will share in the future.

A few men enjoyed the Farmers Camp at Ridgecrest in July, where Andrew Carmichael shared briefly, and the Canberra Men’s Conference in early August where they heard challenging messages from the book of Judges.  Some women enjoyed the Orange Christian Women’s Conference in late May where a lasting impression was made by the speaker from Galatians regarding the freedom we have in Christ.  A group of women are also heading the Canberra Women’s Convention in October to hear messages from Acts.

We have had three successful gatherings of seniors for the Prime Time morning teas.  Our friends enjoyed conversation and delicious morning tea while being presented with the gospel of Jesus through the means of family history, a thermomix demonstration and a series of book reviews.  At the other end of the scale, the Youth Connect Group has continued weekly, enjoying supper and board or card games and hearing the good news of Jesus presented in various relevant ways, including physically nailing our sins to the cross.  Early in Term 3 we had a night of fellowship around a bonfire.

It has been encouraging to see how God’s people in Ariah Park continue to support and serve one another in many and various ways.  We have been hearing God’s Word through a series on the book of Hebrews, as well as from a few lay preachers.  Another highlight of church fellowship was the annual Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch? event where only the organiser knows who is going where right up until the guests arrive at each host’s home.

Coming up, we are looking forward to a Mission Night, the tour group from Wagga Baptist having a look around Ariah Park and the church, and preparing a float and contributing to gospel music for Heritage Celebrations held in Ariah Park on 30 Sept – 2 Oct.

In your prayers for us you could also include prayer for:
*        Those involved in SRE and Chaplaincy at Ariah Park Central School and SRE at Barmedman Primary School. 
*        The introduction of regular high school SRE sessions at APCS.
*        Our dedication to the study of God’s Word in private and together through KYB and other Bible studies, including the trial online Bible study using a Facebook group format.

Ariah Park Baptist Church Happenings - May 2016

It is rewarding to look back over the last few months and see how God is using His people to shine His light in Ariah Park.  Anthony was inducted as pastor on 6 March.  It was a very encouraging service giving glory to our great God who brings all things about in His timing.  Many family and friends of the Webbs travelled to share this day and a fellowship lunch with us.

Over Easter Anthony preached a four-part series on The Cross, The Resurrection, The Ascension and The Holy Spirit, and has now preaching through Hebrews.  We are also regularly encouraged by several lay preachers in the congregation who bring God’s Word to us, and other nearby congregations in Temora Baptist and Ardlethan Uniting, from time to time.

Our regular Bible studies are working through 1 Timothy, the Sermon on the Mount from the book of Matthew, 1 Peter and the KYB women are enjoying the book of John.  The Youth Connect Group is continuing to connect with each other and the leaders, over a board game or other activity, and connect with God’s Word.  Over these cooler weeks they have enjoyed hot chocolate and messages from Psalms. 

We enjoyed an old style Sunday School Picnic out at Betric Hall where the kids ran races, made craft and we enjoyed afternoon tea and a sausage sizzle together.  This was hosted by the Discovery Club (Sunday School) which continues to meet before the church service each week.  Some of these kids, and kids from the local school, also attended “Kids’ Camp Out” in Narrandera in March with some leaders from church.

We hosted the local Combined Churches’ Mens’ Breakfast where the message was supplemented by a cooked breakfast and encouraging fellowship.  The “Creating Safe Spaces” ministry training day was well attended with people from a variety of surrounding church communities.  The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was also well attended by senior’s in our community.  It was a fun afternoon of games, songs, good company and delicious afternoon tea.  Many of these senior citizens we hope we come along to our morning “Prime Time” program which commences monthly from May.  

Coming up in the next few weeks some women are heading off to a couple of events, being the CWCI Temora seminar on “Growing in Grace” (16 May) and the Orange Christian Women’s Conference (21 May).

We have also set up two Facebook pages: Ariah Park Baptist Church and Youth Connect Groups (see links to the right) to find out more of our happenings.

In your prayers for us you could also include prayer for:
·        Those involved in SRE in Ariah Park Central School and Barmedman Primary School. 
·        The high school SRE session we are running in June at APCS.
·        The combined Community Church Service that we are leading this year at the end of July.
Ariah Park Baptist Church is a rural, multi-generation congregation of believers.  Attendance is generally between 40 to 60 people each week.  We welcome a significant number of worshipers from various other denominations. 

Ariah Park Baptist Church has a variety of ministries including: 
Sunday School ("Discovery Club" 9.30am Sunday mornings of school terms)
High School Youth Group - Youth Connect Groups
Men's Bible Study, Women's KYB groups and other Bible Study groups  
Kids' Club (three days held in one of the school holidays)
Monthly Senior's morning tea called Prime Time

An invitation is extended to the whole community for all activities.

Our church also plays an integral part in the chaplaincy of the local Central School with both chaplains being members of our church.  We also include some dedicated Scripture teachers who share Jesus with kids at schools in Ariah Park and Barmedman. 

We join together each week as a part of the family of God to study the Word of God and grow together. 

 We would love to welcome you! 

We are a member of the Baptist Churches of New South Wales. 

Our Service is every
Sunday at 10:30am

We are a family of believers of mixed ages and various walks of life.  Our common ground is that we love Jesus and endeavor to serve Him with our whole lives!

We encourage all ages to take part in the church service with various aspects geared towards different parts of our church family.  We include a children's talk for the younger members and the occasional mission spot where we enjoy catching up on our missionaries' news.  We include both traditional and modern music with a talented group of musicians.

There is a creche available for children not yet at school, but school age children usually stay through the whole service.

We also run a
Sunday School at 9:30am  
This is for children of all ages and we love visitors, so if you can only come once, please do!

The focus of our gathering is the preaching of the Bible, as we believe that the only way to know God is through His Word.

So, please join us on Sunday morning, and why not stay for a cuppa afterwards.

Everyone welcome!

Contact Details

Pastor Anthony Webb

Street and Postal address
Ariah Park Baptist Church
4 Reid St
Ariah Park  NSW  2665

Phone 02 6974 1044
Anthony Mobile 0413 258 967

Pastor's email

Facebook pages
Ariah Park Baptist Church
Youth Connect Groups

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ariah Park Baptist Church Happenings - February 2006

Anthony and Tamara Webb and their three daughters (Bethany age 9, Jenny age 7 and Vanessa age 4) moved into the church manse mid December 2015 and were able to participate in many of the community’s Christmas events and began getting to know the members of the church and wider community.

Our Christmas activities included participation in the Ariah Park Central School Christmas Service and a Sunday School (“Discovery Club”) Christmas Service where we sang with the children dressed in nativity theme and were amazed at a stop-motion Lego video presentation narrated by the children which was put together by the Discovery Club leaders.  For New Year we celebrated with a Mission’s Night where we raised funds for a Bible College in New Guinea by donating for the spit roast dinner.

Anthony commenced his role as pastor on Sunday 3 January and has been preaching through the book of Colossians reminding us of our eternal hope in our all-sufficient Saviour and how this plays out in our daily lives.

The regular activities of the church community began recommencing from February.  There was a KYB information morning in Temora on 3 February with Kaye Shooter introducing the ladies to the book of John which they will be studying for the first half of the year.  The various mens’, ladies’ and mixed Bible studies groups have started up again as well as new weekly Youth Connect Groups for high school aged young people.  These groups are split into girls and guys and aim to connect the youth of the church deeper with each other, their mentors and God’s saving Word.  Then about three times during each term we will run an event-driven fun night aimed at outreach with a gospel message.

With the new school year, we are pleased to have members who continue to be involved in the APCAT group who provide SRE at APCS.  This year we have had the additional privilege of being approached by Barmedman Primary School to provide SRE to their students for one hour fortnightly.

Upcoming events include the Induction Service for Anthony on Sunday 6 March, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on Saturday the 2nd of April as a part of Senior’s Week and a Creating Safe Spaces workshop being planned for Saturday 7th May 2016 at Ariah Park 9.30 am – 3.30 pm approx.  This is the full course, not just the refresher and the cost will be $30.00pp.  Individuals from churches in the region are most welcome to participate.

Please pray:

·        For the Webbs as they continue to settle into the community
·        For the new Youth Connect Groups
·        SRE at APCS and BPS
·        That the gospel will motivate and guide us in our words and actions as we shine the light and hope of Christ in Ariah Park.